Tommy Talton in Europe, Someone Else's Shoes

Tommy Talton

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Tommy Talton in Europe, Someone Else’s Shoes is a collection from the Rebelizers, a group Talton formed with members of Albert Lee’s band, during his stay in Europe in the nineties. Also included, songs from TommyTaltonBand, after his return to USA.

Tommy Talton is a founding member of 70's Capricorn Records group Cowboy. While in Macon, GA through most of the 70s, Tommy was a studio musician recording with artists such as Bonnie Bramlett, Martin Mull, Corky Lang (West, Bruce and Lang, Mountain), Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Clarence Carter, country legend Kitty Wells, Alex and Livingston Taylor, Arthur Conley of Sweet Soul Music fame, and more. He toured extensively throughout the U.S. with Cowboy and with Gregg Allman's Laid Back tour, from Carnegie Hall (as special guests) to Fillmore West in San Francisco and most cities in between. Tommy lived and toured in Europe throughout the 90s and formed a group there, called The Rebelizers, with members of Albert Lee’s band, Hogan’s Heroes.

Tommy Talton in Europe, Someone Else’s Shows is a collection of music from the Rebelizers, a group Talton formed with members of Albert Lee’s band, during his stay in Europe in the nineties, as well as recordings with the new band he formed in 2006, the Tommy Talton Band. The album features 13 previously unreleased tracks, 8 of which were recorded in 1995 in the small village of Schifflange, in the south of Luxembourg during Tommy’s stint in Europe. All of the tracks were penned by Talton, with the exception of Talton’s blazing version of the Bobby Charles’ “How Come People Act Like That?”.

From the opening number, “Restless,” to the closer, “Broken Pieces,” (an acoustic masterpiece by Talton) the CD is chockfull of lyrics and melodies as only Talton can deliver. The title track, “Someone Else’s Shoes,” is a bluesy, jazzy tune reminiscent of the great music permeating from smoke-filled underground clubs of days gone by. While Talton’s years with Cowboy can be heard in R&B influenced “Baby I’m on Your Side” and “Wake Up Ready,” these songs show Talton’s growth and ever evolving musical journey. The CD showcases not only Talton’s classic slide and guitar work, but his distinctive vocals, and passionate songwriting. Talton’s music is timeless, as is evidenced by this new release and the wide age range of audiences at his live performances.

“Throughout this CD, Talton delivers a cool, genuine old school aura that is both natural and refreshing. Talton does his own thing in his own way and at his own pace; which has been this old Cowboy’s stock-and-trade all along." – Bill Thames, Hittin’ the Note Magazine

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