New song with footage for Tommy's Celebration of Life

From Steven Gondek, filmmaker and Tommy's son-in-law: "In planning the celebration of Tommy’s life, Kathleen had the idea to talk about some of the best family memories. For me, that was every get together where the two of us would pull out a guitar and a camera. Tommy would always have some new or old song to go along with a creative idea that he had a dream about. And I, ever willing, would do my best to put my spin on them.
So along with the hours of footage I had, plus some archival footage from past shows, we edited it with one of Tommy’s new songs. “I Want To Do It All Again.”  It touches many levels of life, and the end, and the will to stay in the memories of it all. As a family we think this could be one of his best songs, not only musically and lyrically, but the meanings behind the words. The loss of him in our lives make this a very special one.
Tommy couldn’t wait to share his new album, Seven Levels. It’s a compilation of songs that highlight his life’s work. He was so proud to share it with you all, and we are forever proud of him. Keep an eye out for the release! Available soon on this website.
These are memories we collected in video form, that I wish I could do all over again with him, and hope that he got to do it all again as he made his way into the unknown. Rest easy Tommio."

"Concert of Thanks" Nov. 17, 2020_"Live" on Facebook