From the recording Somewhere South of Eden

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                               WAITING ON THE SAINTS

                                                                      f.t.talton/corrina jo music/ascap

  Beautifully twisted, like a snake on a hot, tin roof

Juke joint dancers drinkin’ gin, one ninety proof

Move on over, let me have some room

I feel like singin’, and I believe I’ll dust my broom

  The idea of a new day keeps praying on my mind

But, these day to day commotions

They just take up all my time

  And I’m waiting on the saints to come

looking for the demons to run and get it all out into the sun

Yes, I’m waiting for the light to shine looking for a definite sign

Waiting on the saints, waiting on the saints to come

  Shake it baby, like you never shook before

We must keep moving looking for that open door

There’s a thief back there behind us, he’s waiting for mistakes

Getting much to close for comfort with every move he makes

  In and out of trouble in and out of pain

In and out of lifetimes working on this earthly plane

The circle is unbroken some attack and some protect

Everybody say they speak the truth, but no one ever checks