1. We Are Calling

From the recording Somewhere South of Eden

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Hopefully, these words are not difficult to understand..........speaking to the highest part of you. 


                      WE ARE CALLING

                         f.t. talton/corrina jo music/ascap

We are calling, we are calling out

Speaking to the highest part of you

No more waiting,  no more waiting  now

Don’t you think it’s time we break on through?

  Everyone is crying out for dignity

  Why would any one of us deny?

  Simply wanting to be treated equally

  So the children of our children

  will not have to live a lie

We are calling……..

  Aren’t we all a part of one humanity?

  Dancing to a dance that changes time

  Singing out a single song in harmony

  Living out a life and moving to the light that shines

We are calling……..