Cowboy/Boyer and Talton: CD
  • Cowboy/Boyer and Talton: CD
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A reissued, remastered release from Real Gone Records. this package has interviews and new photos. After touring in support of Gregg Allman, only Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton remained of the original band. The release of Boyer & Talton, still using the Cowboy moniker, proves justified, as this record is a natural progression from 5'll Getcha Ten. Utilizing a crack support band made up of musicians in the Capricorn corral, Boyer & Talton deliver the goods and then some. From the opening "Patch & Pain Killer" right on through to the close, "Houston," this Cowboy outfit rock and soul with just the right amount of smooth Southern charm to grab hold of and keep your listening attention. Probably this band's finest hour.

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