The Gregg Allman Legacy Band was formed for a few special shows to bring back the memory and power of the "GREGG ALLMAN/LIVE LAID BACK TOUR '74 with Special Guests/ COWBOY."

Tommy Talton/guitar, Randall Bramblett/organ and sax, CharlieHayward/bass, and Bill Stewart/drums were all original members of that original band in 1974! They were also the players on the studio album "LAID BACK, "Gregg's first solo album release. Their friendship with Gregg and experience in making the music that has endured is why this band exists. It is an 11 piece band with outstanding vocals by Mike Veal, exceptional keyboard work by Tom Grose. Superb drummer, Jack Jones joins the solidarity of BillStewart on the double drums setup and Chris Blackwell brings fine guitar work along with the 3 piece horn section consisting of Bryan Lopes/sax, KarlLiberatore/trumpet, and Kevin Hyde/trombone. This comment from a fan says it all:

"So glad these Blessed musicians share their talents and pay tribute to Gregg and Cowboy. definitely go see them if they're anywhere near. The road goes on forever."

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