New Tommy Talton music coming soon! Seven Levels is a wonderful final album, seven tracks recorded at Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon.

First look at the song “I Want To Do It All Over Again” from his new album, with video put together by Steven Gondek, Tommy's son-in-law, for his Celebration of Life.

Steven says, “This song touches many levels of life, and the end, and the will to stay in the memories of it all. We think this could be one of his best songs, not only musically and lyrically, but the meanings behind the words. The loss of him in our lives makes this a very special song. Tommy couldn’t wait to share his new album, a compilation of songs that highlight his life’s work. He was so proud to share it with you all, and we are forever proud of him. Keep an eye out for the release soon!” 

Music Community Mourns the Loss of Tommy Talton

Sam Stephens / The Creek FM, Macon, GA  

Famed Southern Rock guitarist, songwriter, and Capricorn session player Tommy Talton passed away Dec. 28th after a hard-fought battle with cancer. He was 74 years old.

A beloved and brilliant guitar picker, Talton is best known for co-founding the Capricorn Records group Cowboy along with Scott Boyer. From 1971-1977, the group recorded four albums under the legendary label banner: Reach For The Sky (1970), 5’ll Getcha Ten (1971), Boyer and Talton: Cowboy (1974), and Cowboy (1977.)

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From left: David Brown, Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer, Bill Stewart, and Chuck Leavell during a “Laid Back” tour rehearsal via Mercer University. Photo by Herb Kossover.


Warren Haynes      RIP Tommy Talton
Today we lost a brother. Aside from being an amazingly talented musician and songwriter, he was a special, beautiful human being. He was family. Although Tommy remained behind the scenes for most of his career, the scenes he was behind were some amazing ones. His history and association with the Allman Brothers Band goes back to the very beginning- long before my time- and although I knew his work with Cowboy and the many recording sessions he was part of, I didn’t get to know him until the past twenty-five years or so. We shared the stage many, many times- and shared twice as many stories- and each time I would walk away having learned something I didn’t already know. Tommy was one of those rare musicians who cut through to the truth- what music really means and what it can be as a healing, nurturing tool in life. Every note mattered, every word mattered- but not in a pretentious way- in the truest way that mattered to him, whether or not people could tell the difference. He also continued to write and record some of the finest music of his life in most recent years. I remember Derek Trucks telling me that hearing Tommy playing slide guitar- live on stage when he was 9 years old- was a life-changing experience for him that helped shape his future and I know he was able to share that story with Tommy. My most favorite moment playing with Tommy would be a few years ago when Gov’t Mule played in Macon and we got lost in some magical improvisation that was indicative of his approach to music- and to life for that matter- living for the moment. Tommy was one of those guys who was always holding more cards than he played. Love you TT. - WH
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Randall Bramblett   “I just heard my dear friend and musical partner Tommy Talton has passed. He was truly one of the bravest and most compassionate people I’ve ever known. His struggle with cancer was epic, but he never lost his positive attitude or his sense of humor. The world is a better place with the gifts of his music and spirit . . . I’ll miss you always, Tommy T. Play on.”


Scott Sharrard - I was so shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of the great @taltonmusic today. The first time I met Tommy was in Atlanta in the late summer of 2016 at a Gregg Allman Band show. Tommy’s work with Gregg in the 70s and his band Cowboy have always been a massive influence. Tommy jumped up on a couple and it turned out to be Gregg's last show, they had not seen each other in many years. Tommy and I got to jam again in Macon back in the fog of 2021. We spent a couple incredible days together bonding over the spirit of Gregg and our times working with him. Tommy and I were the guitarist/songwriter bookends of Gregg's solo career. He was a beautiful man and a profound songwriter and guitarist. We spoke on the phone this year when Little Feat was in Atlanta. I was going to get him down to jam but he said his health was not good and maybe next time. We had a great phone call, many laughs and he sent me a couple new tracks he was working on for a new solo album that was being cut at @capricornmacon I hope we get to hear those finished. I’m really going to miss him. Rave on Tommy

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Cowboy's "Reach for the Sky" Chosen one of the Top 10 Country-Rock Albums by!

Reach for the Sky